How To Interpret A Google Analytics Report

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January 15, 2017
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How To Interpret A Google Analytics Report

Have you ever wondered how to interpret a Google analytics report? As a small business owner, you probably use Google Analytics a lot since this is a good way to learn more about how successful your marketing strategies are and whether they need improvement or not. With that said, below we’ll tell you more about the Google Analytics reports you need to check, how to look at them and how to put the information (once you review it) to good use.

Traffic Acquisition Report

Using this report you’ll be able to see how much your traffic has increased. Keep in mind that it’s key for you to know where your traffic comes from so that you can optimize it. To learn more about that, you can go to Acquisition and then navigate to Overview. You can then go to Referrals (which can be found in All Traffic) to learn more about the external websites that bring you traffic.

Source/Medium Report

What’s great about this report is that it helps you know which SEO efforts are effective and which are not. In this report you’ll actually find the source of your traffic and the type of traffic you get (paid, organic, etc). To locate this report, you need to go to Acquisition, then navigate to All Traffic and then click on Source-Medium.

Mobile Performance Report

About sixty percent of traffic today comes from mobile devices. To check how much of your traffic comes from mobile sources, you can go to Audience, then navigate to Mobile, and then finally go to Overview.

Google AdWords Traffic Reports

If you don’t use AdWords to advertise, then this report may not interest you. If you do, then you should check your AdWords traffic reports on top of those you get from AdWords. The reason you need to do so is because these reports contain extra data that helps you learn more about your users’ behavior once they click on your ads. If you’d like to generate a Traffic report (AdWords), you need to go to Acquisition, then navigate to AdWords and then go to Campaigns. Here you’ll be able to choose the right date range.

Social Media Reports

Generating traffic with social media is a very important step in your online marketing campaign. Luckily, Google Analytics provides many reports that can easily help you make the most of your social media marketing efforts. Using these reports, you’ll learn more about the way users from social media interact with your website, including those from Twitter and Facebook. To generate a Network Referrals social media report, you’ll just have to navigate to Acquisition, then to Social and finally to Network Referrals.


If you want to grow your business, then you certainly need to set up Google Analytics for it. By using it, including the aforementioned reports, you’ll be able to learn a lot about the areas where your website needs improvement.

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