How To Calculate ROI From Your SEO Spend

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February 12, 2017
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How To Calculate ROI From Your SEO Spend

Have you ever wondered about how much money you could make if you were to rank number one in Google? Many of us spend a lot of money on SEO, but the truth is that in order to keep spending, you also need to know how much you’re profiting out of it. Therefore, if you want to know more about how much money your SEO spending brings you, here’s how you can calculate that.

Your SEO Opportunity

The first thing you need to know to calculate your SEO ROI is the size of your search engine optimization opportunity. To answer this, you need to use the Keyword Planner Tool. To access it though, you need to have an AdWords account, so be sure to sign up for one.

You have 4 options to use the tool. To start, you need to click on Get search volume data and trends. After that, you’ll have to type in some KWs related to your industry. Next, you’ll need to choose your location and then click on Get search volume. Once you do that, you’ll know how many people use those keywords to search for products or services.

Who’s going to click on your website?

If you get 8400 searches for your KWs, then you can expect about 40 percent of searchers to click on your website IF it’s the number one listed business. If you rank ten, then you can expect to get about three percent of visitors.

How many clients will I get?

If you rank number one, you can expect five percent of your visitors to contact you in one way or another. However, out of that number, only a quarter or about forty two of them will become clients if you’re ranked number one in Google. If you rank ten, then you’ll get 3 clients a month.


Lastly, considering the aforementioned data, if you’re a dental business, then you will end up generating about $42K per month. This is true only if each dental patient you have brings in 1000 dollars. If you rank number ten in Google, then you’ll only make about 3000 dollars a month.

Now, in order to see how much profit your SEO costs have brought you, you just have to subtract your monthly revenue and then divide the costs. Once you find out how effective your SEO efforts were, you can start investing in SEO even more!

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