How we Work


Cannaserp is not your typical SEO agency.  We do not and never will sell cookie-cutter packages like 90 percent of other agenices in the industry.  For a couple reasons:

  1. Every web site is unique (age, domain authority, number of backlinks, authority of backlinks, social media presence, etc…). And needs to be treated differently from a strategic standpoint on what needs to be done to generate results.
  2. Every customers’ competitive landscape is different. Some customers are in narrow local markets while others are looking for a national build out. For some clients we can do a quarter of the work and get the same result while other clients the process can take much longer.
  3. Cookie-cutter packages mean an SEO agency has zero intellectual property which means they are throwing links on third party sites which they have zero control over site indexing and the life-time of the link. This can create major headaches for you down the road if you are no longer getting credit for your links and contract with an agency has expired.
  4. Cookie-cutter packages equals a number to the agency.

Let me save you the time and tell you that most SEO agencies operate in the manner above and this is not meant to demean the industry but rather save you time and money.



With Cannaserp you will get the following:

  1. Back-end compensation built into our contracts so you pay us on predetermined results
  2. Access to our proprietary network of links so you know who is control of them (please note that we have only one web site out of 300 in network get deindexed when the going industry rate is 30%)
  3. Access to the agency’s preexisting relationships with influence marketers who utilizes our services too
  4. A dedicated account manager who will educate you throughout the process


Cannaserp invites you to begin the engagement process by filling out our intake form.